“Show, don’t tell.” –Journalists’ mantra

Below are two examples of how KDP helped clients share what they’ve learned. For more knowledge sharing by KDP partners see the KDP Knowledge Center.

Project: Building Trust in Observations

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Challenge

Distill the lessons learned from leading practitioners and from a massive, cutting-edge study on classroom observations into practical guidance for states, districts, and others on how to ensure that teachers get better feedback for improving their practice.

The KDP Solution

We worked closely with practitioners and experts in the project to unpack the knowledge and skills required for effective observation, and to describe the training and techniques that can build and maintain them. KDP then managed the team of experts and led content development to produce:

Three practice guides:

A book published by Jossey-Bass:

Project: Redesign Challenge

Client: EducationCounsel

The Challenge

Inspire teachers to try out innovative professional learning techniques created by classroom educators as part of a nationwide effort to make teacher professional development more relevant and meaningful.

The KDP Solution

KDP helped prototype a format for concisely profiling each innovator’s story, and for explaining how others can adapt their innovations in their own contexts. KDP then produced the first round of such stories for publication on the RDC’s website.