KDP is the consulting business of Jeff Archer, who has more than 20 years’ experience as a communicator of innovation and research in education.

Jeff was a journalist and nonprofit leader before founding KDP. As an award-winning writer and editor at Education Week, he focused on leadership, educator development, research, and philanthropy. At New Leaders for New Schools (now New Leaders), he led efforts to capture and share lessons learned from urban schools making outsized gains in student achievement.

Through KDP, Jeff has played a lead communications role in a number of highly influential efforts to improve teaching and student learning. This includes leading the team that produced the book, “Better Feedback for Better Teaching.”

He understands research, the challenge of scaling effective practice, and the centrality of equity and instruction in educational improvement. He believes real progress in education comes not from compliance, but from building a shared understanding.

When you partner with KDP you get the full benefit of Jeff’s expertise. He works directly with his clients, from start to finish. Depending on the scope of a project, he may enlist the help of additional designers, developers, program evaluators, and other specialists.

Jeff is happy to speak with people about their knowledge-sharing needs even if they’re not ready to formally engage him. You can reach him at: jeff@knowledgedesign.org.